NoNo Hair Removal

Beauty Experts' Guide To Hair Removal Systems

No! No! Hair Removal


The Best Hair Removal System

The NoNo Hair Removal System was developed by Radiancy Inc. in 2004 to aid women in effectively removing hair from any part of their body. Radiancy is also known for a wide variety of similar and very quality products which include various acne treatments, skin creams, and beauty supplies. Its No! No! System has become especially successful, rapidly growing in enormous popularity since its inception. It is viewed as a much better way than somewhat similar and immensely popular products like Tria and Silk’n that utilize IPL (or Intense Pulsated Light).


How the No! No! System Works

The No! No! utilizes Thermicon Technology to completely painlessly remove hair from their follicles. They do what they do by electrical impulses flowing through the cord to shock the hair shafts. All is not done after the initial treatment. Afterwards there will be a stubble with singed hair on which you will need to use a buffer. Although this system can technically be used anywhere on the body, it isn’t recommended that you use it near the genital area.


Varieties of No! No!

If you plan to use the No! No!, you will not have to be satisfied with one type since there are several to choose from. The original No! No! device to be created is now known as The Classic. There is today the No! No! Plus which came in more colors and has more levels than the classic; the No! No! Micro, a rechargeable variety that can fit in purses; No! No! Hair, with its LCD status screen and sleek design; and No! No! Pro, which has more power and more levels than all the other versions. It is for this reason that this last version is the best and why it is the most expensive.